Quality and Safety above all

Compass Food Sales is committed to providing “Great Products Filled With Nature’s Goodness.” We provide safe, healthy and quality food products to our customers by:

  1. Importing our dried fruits and nuts from only the most reputable suppliers throughout the world who share our principles of freshness and quality.
  2. Continuously improving our quality control processes.
  3. Proactive interaction and close, ongoing monitoring of our suppliers and their products.
  4. Listening carefully to feedback from our customers to facilitate constant improvements while bringing new products to Canada.
  5. Working with all government and industry regulatory organizations to guarantee the quality and safety of each and every product we sell.

Compass Food Sales is absolutely meticulous when it comes to food safety and our quality control monitoring systems. For example:

• We have developed a comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Program that will ensure that only the best quality and safe foods will reach the consumer. Compass currently holds a worldwide Gold Standard based on the BRC (British Retail Consortium) that covers food safety and quality management.

• Our suppliers must provide clear evidence that they have successfully completed an annual audit by an independent third party.

• In order to qualify as one of our accredited suppliers, they must adhere to a strong food safety program. We offer peanut safe snacks.

• Our products are tested regularly by outside, objective, third-party laboratories.

• Our plant facility follows the most exacting industry standards when in comes to cleanliness, finished product control and food safety.